Silkeborg vs Brøndby IF Betting Tips 10.05.2018

Silkeborg vs Brøndby IF Soccer Prediction Today

Brøndby chases the double and should have the class to win safely over Silkeborg on “home ground” in the park. Despite defeat, Silkeborg played a good game at the artificial grass in the last race, but in the away team SIF is significantly worse.

Brøndby is at least one class better than Silkeborg. Player for player is Brøndby clearly.
Brøndby has strong morale, many kilometers in the legs, and wide width of the bench, which allows them to dominate in the final stages of the matches. (* 1)
Brøndby’s attackers play with great quality and confidence at the moment. Pukki, and Wilzcek in particular, are ON FIRE. (24 goals in 16 matches in the spring).
The match is played on the neutral course in Parken, but in reality it is almost a home-based advantage to Brøndby, which has received a total of 19,000 tickets. (* 2)
Bookmakers have not fully taken into account the above. Brøndby victory against FCN Sunday closed at odds 1.37. Right now, Brøndby victory is 1.34 in the cup final.
Silkeborg has a downward curve, and especially defensively they have sailed around in some matches. It may be a fool of Brøndby’s offensive.
Silkeborg is clearly the strongest home in the artificial turf. In the away team they are poor. Their off-road statistics are named 2/3/11 this season.

Both races in the season have ended with Brøndby victory on 2+ goals. (4-1 and 3-1).
In recent recent showdown in November, Silkeborg played a strong match where Brøndby was seriously on the heels in the first half. (A little lucky Brøndby victory).
A cup final is a big match for Brøndby but a KÆMPE match for Silkeborg. Perhaps Silkeborg can find motivation for an extraordinary performance.
If Brøndby loses FCK on the weekend, it may give nervousness or shift focus from the cup final to the championship match.
Brøndby’s defensive has seemed a bit worn lately, with several major errors due to, among other things, of Röcker and Arajuuri. Maybe Silkeborg can take advantage of this.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Silkeborg vs Brøndby IF

Brøndby has won all 6 matches in the championship final game (can now change before the cup final) and has not lost a match since August 2017. It gives enormous self-confidence and faith in their own skills in the West Bank. In the later Superliga rounds, Brøndby has been behind in several of the major and crucial matches, but every time we have managed to turn the matches to victory for Brøndby. Sharpness / luck has certainly been a factor in these turn-arounds, but it has not only been coincidences that have been decisive. Brøndby has a black physical surplus and is the league’s most racing team. As you also have a fantastic width in the midfield (which runs the most), Brøndby has the opportunity to put fresh forces into the second half without losing quality. This makes Brøndby most often able to put a massive pressure on the opponents for the last 20-25 minutes of the matches, thus ensuring the desired results.
In the cup final I think we will get the usual “Brøndby kampbild” to see. Brøndby will push unbelievably high from the start of the match and put a lot of pressure on Silkeborg for the first 15-20 minutes. Following is a phase where Brøndby economises a little more with the forces and only periodically periodically exits. Silkeborg can hardly keep Brøndby from chances, but if they are skilled, they can take advantage of the place Brøndby leaves in the back room and at the edges. If Silkeborg “hit the day” I think that they can hurt Brøndby and create chances when Brøndby is offensive.
In the last race, Silkeborg’s right side impressed Brøndby’s left back, often caught by himself. (However, with the duo Old Town / Forest, which is now a weakened bit with Forest’s departure. Rodic is a sensible substitute but not quite the same level). Even if Silkeborg should be able to offer dance in the first half, I think they will come to a close at the end of the game when the forces have risen and Brøndby shakes comfortably for the last 20-25 minutes. If Brøndby is not already in front, I think so, Brøndby is likely to secure the victory at the end of the match. In a cup final, with the possibility of prolonged playing time, one would normally imagine the teams would be more careful the last 20-25 minutes of the match if the position is a draw.
It will hardly happen in this case. Brøndby’s coach Zorniger barely accepts that one relaxes or tries to keep a 1-goal lead. We can expect Brøndby to smash all the way to the end unless they lead big. Thus, I also mean that a 2 or more goal victory is a little more likely than in the average cup final. (But of course also because Brøndby is significantly stronger than Silkeborg. There is a significant quality difference).
The Cup final is played on the neutral course in Parken, but Brøndby has a significantly larger fan base than Silkeborg, and has received a total of 19,000 tickets for the match. Silkeborg gets a final team (B) made available to their fans. Brøndby, on the other hand, gets the whole one long side (C), as well as the small end-trunk (D), made available. In addition, it is also expected that the seats on the neutral long side (A) are predominantly occupied by Brøndby fans. There is no doubt that the mood image will be dominated by Brøndby and that it will feel like an outward struggle for Silkeborg.
Mood can of course motivate players (even if the mood is against one), but it can also give rise to nervousness / pressure for some players. Here I think Brøndby has a small advantage since Brøndby has recently played many big and important matches, with many spectators and great mood, while Silkeborg is somewhat unfamiliar with this. Perhaps there are players who can be shaken by the coincidence in conjunction with Brøndby’s squad. In addition, it is quite important that the game be played on grass, which is Brøndby’s common ground, while Silkeborg performs the best at home on their artificial turf. All in all, I think this match should almost be considered an out fight for Silkeborg and a home match for Brøndby.

Prediction Today: Silkeborg wins

Odds: 1.18



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