Guingamp vs Marseille Betting Tips 11.05.2018

Guingamp vs Marseille Soccer Prediction Today

Guingamp has recently played Monaco and PSG. Last week, the game was lousy in Dijon, but on the home side against a big club, motivation should be left behind. Marseille is fighting for two-thirds, but has an EL finale Wednesday and a very weak central defense.

A home match (season’s last) for the sold out stadium (19,000) against the big club Marseille should motivate Guingamp, which is beautiful 8-6-4 on its own grass.
The Bretons are 3-2-1 in the last 6 matches, including 3-1 home over Monaco (though reddish) and 2-2 (deserved victory) at PSG, league 3 and 1.
The home team has a powerful offensive (including Salibur, back after 1 match injury), good at conversions.
Marseille will play the EL final against Atlético on Wednesday. Very important match for a trophy + a ticket for next season’s CL.
OM turnover in Guingamp may not be possible, but certainly possible. And regardless: Because of the EL final, the team will hardly use energy to sprinkle.
Marseille was spag and only 1-1 at Angers in the last L1 week match (between the semi-semifinals). Then lose at Salzburg (further on off-line in the long run).
Marseille lacks center defender Rami for second match in a row; mate Rolando + vikar Gustavo is new absence. Enough midfield reserves in the central defense.
Also out: The big attacker Mitroglou (since 29/4). Alternatively Germain is swift on the feet, intelligent and scored last weekend.

Marseille needs victory – fighting for the twop3 and the CL ticket and what if the EL final is lost? Trainer Garcia preaches 100% focus on Guingamp.
In November, Olympique won 1-0 at home over the Bretons (which has since been reinforced by Grenier). Should have won bigger – sat heavily on the game.
Last 2-1 home over local rivals Nice. Good game (especially Payet’s creator) and deserved victory. In addition to the goals: 18 tries / 8 within the frame against 11/2.
The big club is the league number 4 with 73 points for 36 matches: Guingamp is No. 11 with 46 points and has only the honor to play for.
Last week 1-3 losses in Dijon who only had the credit to play for, but played the Bretons who had a small EL chance but seemed unmotivated.
In addition to the target, Guingamp had only 4 finishes / 1 within the frame. Dijon had 19/9.
Marseille has enough right back Sakai back (outside 21/4; Sarr has replaced him well).

Soccer Prediction of the Day Guingamp vs Marseille

Guingamp was also best before Monaco got red. Did the Bretons deserve to win in Paris? Yes, the Bretons had more chances than the home side, and PSG only returned to the game because the referee had chosen to punish the penalty, although the offense was clearly outside the field. However, PSG has generally lowered the pace after the championship came home.
One half of the pair of couples will be enough 18-year-old Kamara (4 L1 matches, 3 from start) who did well after he got the chance, but with a routine partner. Now he is paired with Sertic who is so experienced, but has played a lot since he changed from Bordeaux in 2016; 2 matches this season. Kamara and Sertic are really both midfielder players; can play in the central defense, but do you really think of a constellation of two there, after all, is the midfield server? An alternative would be to start with Abdennour who is an experienced and in the form of good midfielder, but he has shown miserable form this season and has only three minutes playing since January .
It is also worth remembering that one of the new absenteeisms, Luis Gustavo, is the club’s best midfielder when he does not – outstandingly – substitute for the central defense.

Ligue 1 Prediction : Guingamp wins

Odds: 5.00



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