Bournemouth vs Cardiff Football Prediction Today 11/08

Bournemouth vs Cardiff  Prediction Today

Cardiff looks weak at the central midfield, and it should provide opportunities for Bournemouth’s strong passers. First match in the season is often unpredictable, but Cherries should be careful that Cardiff will probably leave the initiative to them.

Cardiff lacks quality in the central midfield, and it should fit Bournemouth’s passionate game well.
Cardiff is newcomers and can get hard from start to get used to the higher pace in the row.
Bournemouth has almost every man ready and has far more quality players than Cardiff.
It is the first home game of the season, and the fans’ expectations can mean a big and lively attendance.
Cardiff’s promotion was largely due to their strong home in Wales. Outside, they are less impressive.
Cardiff expects deeply with 5 men in the backbone, and Bournemouth fits well at home to control the game.
Cardiff has picked up Bobby Reid in front, who, as a single striker, is adept at creating something on conversions.
It’s the first match in a new season, and always brings some uncertainty about where the teams stand.
Cardiff is newcomers and it can be hard to assess exactly what strengths there are between the teams and the established teams.
Bournemouth was not scary at home last season and won just 7 of 19 showdowns on Vitality.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Bournemouth vs Cardiff


Bournemouth got a little scare at Preseason when the important center defense Ake had to be injured, but manager Howe later stated that it was not serious and that in a league match he would have played the match. He should therefore be fully prepared for the show.
In addition, the offensive player Stanislas is missing and has not been in the preseason, but it is well covered in the offensive positions that the absence is not crucial.


Cardiff can look forward to starting his Premiership with a non-profit team.

Bet Tips: Bournemouth wins

Odds: 1.90




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