Bosnia vs Austria Football Prediction Today 11/09

Bosnia vs Austria Prediction Today

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In front of the North Irish, Bosnia and Hezergovina came out ahead in the 36 minutes of the first half. Duljevic put the ball into the net. The advantage was extended to 19 minutes of the final stage with Saric. The hosts were only reducing the gap to 48 minutes. In additions, Grigg made the goal of honor of Northern Ireland.
Although the result has been significant, the official statistics of UEFA tell a story very different from the one presented by the board. In it, the owners of the house had a wide domain of possession of ball: 67 to 33%. They managed to transform the ball domain into finishing attempts: 26 to 5. This advantage, although to a lesser extent, was also mirrored in the number of hits: 8 to 3.
However, of the three finals with correct address of the Bosnians, the goalkeeper Farrell only took one. Of the eight balls that the Northern Irish sent on target, the Bosnian Sehic grabbed seven. That was the fundamental difference that guaranteed the owners of the first three points in the League of Champions.
Roma striker Edin Dzeko, who is the great star of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for example, was most noticed at the time he received a yellow card rather than any other offensive action. He was practically isolated at the front.


After disappointing in the qualifiers for the World Cup of Russia, Austria confirmed on Thursday, September 6, their recovery phase. By scoring 2-0 in Sweden, he reached his eighth win in the last nine matches. In this series, the only defeat happened for the Brazilian team in the 3-0 marked by the Canarian team shortly before the World Cup.
Although the result may be significant at first glance, when analyzing the team that the Swedes, who reached the round of 16 World Cup finals, put on the field, loses a little importance. Some of the most important athletes of the team were preserved so that they were in better physical condition for the confrontation with Turkey by Liga of the Nations of Europe.
German coach Franco Foda, who heads Austria’s national team, has chosen to use a different strategy. He preferred to put into action the best that he had at disposal to give more entroment to his players. Thus, he is expected to maintain for Tuesday’s game the rather daring tactic he tested against the Swedes. In it, left-back Alaba of Bayern Munich was placed as a midfielder, having more freedom to attack. This was possible with the formation of a line of three defenders. Thus, ended up doing the second Austrian goal in the game
History of the matches Bosnia and Herzegovina
It was only three previous meetings involving the selections. In the qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup, there was a 1-1 draw in Bosnia and Austrian home win 2-0. Then in 2015, a new 1-1 friendly match.

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By no means is the victory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Northern Ireland expressing what happened in the four lines. That’s why Austria’s prognosis for success, which has shown more impressive results and solid performance in the last year, is a good betting option in Tuesday’s game.

Bet Tips: Austria

Odds: 3.00


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