BT Excel vs YDN Gamers ESL Prediction Today


Tonight, starting at 23:00, the match between BT Excel and YDN Gamers takes place, for which we have prepared a tip at the end of the pre-chronicle.
The match counts for the group stage of the European Masters, a competition that brings together the best teams in the national championships in Europe.
It should be mentioned that each group contains 4 teams, and the matches are played round-trip. So far 3 stages have been played, all the other 3 stages (so the whole return) are played tonight.
The BT Excel – YD Gamers match ends the program, so each team plays two more matches before.

BT Excel: Team shape, news and statistics

BT Excel is the academy team of the much better known Excel Sports and represents the area of ​​Great Britain & Ireland in the European Masters.
She qualified here after winning the regular season in the UKLC 2020 Spring with an exceptional 14-0 run, but was defeated in the play-off final 2: 3 by Fnatic Rising.
Although it represents Great Britain, BT Excel consists of only two English (Deadly and kaSing).
We also find a Dutchman (Special), a Danishman (Taxer) and a Spaniard (Send0o).
However, BT Excel has not managed to rise to the level of the European Masters competition so far, losing all 3 matches played in the group.
He should win all 3 games tonight to have a chance to catch one of the first two places, but it is unlikely.

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YDN Gamers: Team form, news and statistics

YDN Gamers is the representative of Italy, which is crowned champion in PG Nationals 2020 Spring after winning both the regular season (11-3) and the playoffs.
The team is mainly based on 6 players, of which only 2 Italians (Gabbo and Occlumats), and the second is more reserve. Otherwise we find two Estonians (Endz and Cospect), a Pole (Tabasko) and a Swede (Phantomles).
YDN Gamers started with the last chance in group A, but still managed to win a match, even the one with BT Excel.

ESL Prediction of the Day BT Excel vs YDN Gamers

A victory for YDN Gamers is not at all unlikely, but they still managed to beat BT Excel only 5 days ago, in a match they controlled head-to-tail.
Plus, today’s match will end the group stage, and normally, at the time of the match, the two teams will no longer have a chance to qualify.
Or at most they may still have YDN if they win with GamerLegion or GamersOrigin. So either we will have a match between two teams without a stake (where I prefer to go on the outsider), or one in which YDN will need a victory.
BT Excel has looked bad so far and I wouldn’t be surprised to finish the group without a point.
However, because there are teams that we do not know very well, we will go on a bet with a minimum stake.

Bet Tips: YDN Gamers win
Odds: 2.82



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