Croatia vs England World Cup 11.07.2018


Croatia vs England Today’s Soccer Prediction

Croatia vs. England or Lucky vs Enthusiasm. Qualifying twice after you reach the 11 m hit lottery is clearly a good fortune. This is Croatia, the team that has dominated the group in which it participated, but then encountered real problems and in both the optimi and the quarters it was forced to live dangerously. England is a team that deserves its favorite status, has young players willing to perform so far and has surprised the two wins, against Colombia, also to penalties, and then in front of Sweden, score 2-0 .

Soccer Prediction of the Day Croatia vs England

Taking goals from teams like Russia and Denmark, I think it says a lot about the defensive compartment and I do not say it is like the two teams are weak, but when they played against really good teams, they did not reach their goal. This is the reason I want to talk about, I have every reason to believe that the same thing will be in the game against England, and this is the end of the line for Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and the other players who made a very good campaign .

Prediction Today: England wins

Odds: 1.70


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