Fury vs Joshua – The information about the potential Megafight


Is there a fight of the century?

The king is dead, long live the king! Deontay Wilder sat on the throne of the World Boxing Council (WBC), one of the most important world associations in professional boxing, for five years.
His reign was recently ended.
The new champion? “The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury.
The Brit has fought his way back to the top of heavyweight boxing with an incredible comeback like a phoenix from the ashes.

⚪️Now the mega fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua waves!

🇬🇧Tyson Fury: 1.50
🇬🇧Anthony Joshua: 2.50

A few years ago, not even the boldest boxing expert would have expected Tyson Fury to win the title.
The “Gypsy King” was the focus of the media with alcohol and drug excesses, overweight and depression.
As the title win shows, Tyson Fury has left the difficult times behind.
Now the very big coup should follow.

There is one of the biggest boxing matches in the century.
Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua – when, where and under what conditions is still completely open.
The winner will be the first undisputed heavyweight boxing world champion since Lennox Lewis.
A milestone that the new WBC champion Tyson Fury in particular would have deserved.
The title union fight between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua also depends to a certain extent on Deontay Wilder.
The ex-WBC champion, according to the “Gypsy King” promoter, has the opportunity to challenge Tyson Fury to a rematch within 30 days.
According to the British government, it remains to be seen whether Wilder will exercise this right.
The betting base therefore represents the potential megafight between Fury vs Joshua provides all relevant information including betting odds.

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“I spoke to Joshua, he really wants this fight. We may never get the big chance of having two Britons fight for status as the undisputed world champion in boxing. ”
Eddie Hearn

Anthony Joshua

When it comes to a supposed routine task, “AJ” got rid of its zero balance.
As the fight against Andy Ruiz Jr.
Shows, anything is possible in heavyweight boxing. Andy Ruiz Jr.
Was also an equal opponent in the rematch, in which “AJ” regained his titles.
Unlike the first fight, Joshua didn’t take any chances this time.
Accordingly, there was nothing to get for Ruiz Jr. on points. The American, with Mexican roots, took many risks with his risky advances, but was punished for this by a defensive Anthony Joshua.
“AJ” knew how good his opponent was in an open exchange of blows.
The enemy was rehearsed and beaten in the manner of Klitschko. With Tyson Fury there is now an opponent whose defensive tactics will not help.
Anthony Joshua will have to improve significantly.
As the Joshua vs Fury odds for potential bets show, “AJ” would be an outsider for the Megafight.

Tyson Fury

May we introduce? The real king in heavyweight boxing: “The Gypsy King” – Tyson Fury.
As his show of power against Wilder showed, Tyson Fury is the best heavyweight boxer across all associations.
In order to reach the next milestone, Tyson Fury now wants the megafight against Anthony Joshua – and thus the title as the undisputed heavyweight boxing world champion.
“Whoever comes next will get the same treatment.”
Tyson Fury

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Even in the first edition with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury was in no way inferior. Despite the rain, many boxing experts saw the “Gypsy King” ahead.
In the end there was a controversial draw with which both boxers were visibly dissatisfied.
In the rematch, Fury dominated at will.
The towel thrown by the Wilder team was therefore hardly surprising.
Tyson Fury can only beat himself in the current constitution.
With its ring IQ and unorthodox boxing style, the “Gypsy King” is unpredictable.
“Fast and FURYous” on the way to becoming the undisputed world champion? Quite possible.

⚪️Title union fight or trilogy with Wilder?

Deontay Wilder has a fighting heart. One can argue that the American is arrogant, but the whole appearance in social media and press conferences is more a promotion than the real face of the “bronze bomber”.
In mid-February, Wilder fought long distances with a tattered eardrum.
“The best man won today. My corner threw in the towel, but I was ready to continue fighting. ”
Deontay Wilder

The bleeding ear was no reason for the American to give up.
Wilder criticized the towel throw from his corner.
Considering what has happened in professional boxing in the recent past, it was the only right decision to protect Deontay Wilder from further health damage.

⚪️Fury vs Joshua United Kingdom – forecast of the potential mega-fight

For years they waited for the next undisputed heavyweight boxing champion.
Now the time has come for the long-awaited title unification struggle.
As Eddie Hearn says, it will only be a matter of time before the big mega fight is officially confirmed.
If Deontay Wilder exercises his right of rematch, the title association may postpone another year.
A trilogy would be surprising when Tyson Fury’s idea of power.
Deontay Wilder was literally demonstrated in the second edition.
In addition, there would be little interest in a third fight between the two heavyweights.

At some point there will be a title association.
With two British champions, there are now the best prerequisites for starting the Megafight at Wembley Stadium.
However, if there is no title unification struggle again, the great interest will slowly fade.
Whether trilogy or title association between Fury and Joshua – Tyson Fury is favorite in both cases.
The betting odds show how strong the “Gypsy King” can be assessed.
If Fury remains as focused as before, the title as undisputed boxing world champion will probably only be a matter of time.


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