Genoa vs Verona Betting Tips 23.04.2018


Genoa vs Verona Soccer Prediction Today


Of course, if possible, we always want more. But Genoa is satisfied with the competitiveness demonstrated throughout the season. The team arrives in these latest rounds without any threats with the bottom of the leaderboard.
In the current stretch, despite having lost in its last clash, competitiveness has been explicit. The defeat for the powerful Rome in the previous round was the only one of the club in the last five games. The team did not impress tactically in this stretch, but has adapted to what the duel asks, managing to make its front line present. to face a desperate rival not to fall apart, may be enough.
The coach Davide Ballardini will have the basis of the latest games available.


With each round it’s getting harder to believe that Verona will [be able to avoid losing the division this season. mathematically, of course, is still possible. The difference for the first club outside the relegation zone is only four points.
However, Verona were defeated in five of their last six matches. As much as possibilities exist, the team does not seem to have the strength to stay alive. The difficulties are at both ends, of course. But not making goals for those who need points, it is difficult to be competitive, right? Verona have not scored goals in five of their last six games. As a visitor, the answers also do not happen, as was imagined.
The coach Fabio Pecchia will not be able to count on Alex Ferrari, suspended.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Genoa vs Verona

It is not an all or nothing for the visiting team, but the siege is closing. For Genoa, it’s another game. The team has little to fight for. If the visiting team showed more intimacy, there might be more chances here. But the team has been through a very complicated time. Playing lightly, having good recent appearances, with a present attack and main power, Genoa still deserves the favoritism here.

Prediction Today: Genoa

Odds: 1.44


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