Köln vs Schalke Betting Tips 22.04.2018


Köln vs Schalke Soccer Prediction Today

Clamped the 1st FC Cologne until the last to every little straw, has also lost the last bit of residual hope on the last matchday: Already the upcoming home game against Schalke is denied by the Effzeh as a felt second division.
Since the assembly game has recently developed to the detriment of the billy goats, even the famous bench games do not even make sense: the nine-point gap to the relegation place will probably not be recouped in the remaining four rounds.As the first win of the season had a full 17 games left, everything pointed to an impending farewell in autumn; The occasional flicker of new hope held at the beginning of the second half as a rule, only until the immediate following appearance.Although the Billy goats still bravely sparked baseless optimism until recently, they probably had not believed in a good end internally for a long time: When the team was still officially against the descent, behind the scenes already worked on the unterklassigen future.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Köln vs Schalke

So gave the club even before the youngest 1: 2 at the Berlin Hertha the end of the season taking place separation of Stefan Ruthenbeck, who will inherit with the currently busy in Kiel Markus beginning a well-prepared specialist in the fight for ascent.
While Ruthenbeck would certainly like to have stayed a bit more, plagued themselves a number of players of their own drive with the search for a new employer around. As a result of the inevitable upheaval, the last appearances are overshadowed by a wistful farewell mood.
The royal blues in the cathedral city are expected to be in full swing on Sunday: with the first derby victory in four years, the icing on the cake was set for an unexpectedly successful season seven days ago.
With the 2-0 win not only the memorable 4: 4 from the first leg was again topped; Thanks to a head start more than calming eight counters, the guests should also be able to return to the Champions League by almost one hundred percent.
Had the FC Schalke last English week of the season thus started with a no longer topping emotional climax, the team is likely in the remaining games against Frankfurt (after the editorial deadline) and in Cologne accordingly elated to go to work.

Prediction Today: Schalke

Odds: 1.80


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