League of Legends: The top five players in LCS Spring Split


LCS Spring Split is over. It was crazy, because the teams evolved beyond expectations, and the COVID-19 pandemic moved the league online. However, Cloud9 came out victorious in the end and made its triumphant return to the top. They will not participate in this year’s Invitation in the middle of the season but they have proven, by far, to be the most dominant team in the region.

Although they made their mark, a lot of other players did just as well. They haven’t received the spotlight that C9 players have done, but they deserve recognition anyway. Five players, in particular, stood out as stars in this division. It should be mentioned that, of course, a C9 player is registered, but here only one player per team is mentioned to keep things more interesting. If not, it would probably be just a repeat of the official First Team All-Pro vote.

5. Closer – The Golden Guardians

The first name to mention is the golden “Guardian” of the Golden Guards Çelik. As a jungler for the team, Closer had a profound impact on his team and evolved to an incredibly high level. When he was first signed, people knew he was spectacular in TCL, but there were a lot of questions about how he would perform in NA. Fortunately, he answered these questions quite well.

Many expected the Golden Guardians to be a bottom-up team. Tenth place was certainly a possibility for them before the split began. Fortunately for them, Closer became a shining star on a list that was not the best. They fought in the support position, moving from former ADC Academy Jew Yuri “Keith” to Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun in the middle of the season, but Closer and the team managed to work on all of this to ensure a coveted playoff -hate. . They were fired in advance, but still defied expectations.

A lot more credit can be given for this. He was the main reason why GG found advantages at the beginning of the game and was always a reliable player. Patching gave him his own advantages in the jungle, which he accustomed to effectively moving his bands forward. If not for him, expectations for tenth place could have been a reality. If it continues to do so, Closer will be a major threat in the summer split.

4. Jiizuke – Evil Geniuses

Next is the Italian Stallion, who came to the NA from LEC, Daniele “Jiizuke” di Mauro. This explosive middle color is known for its time on Team Vitality and was a big pickup for Evil Geniuses this year. The beginning of the break was not so great for EG, but around the halfway point the team found its footing. Consequently, this is when Jiizuke began to appear.

Jiizuke is a unique player in LCS. He is much more aggressive than most and loves to get ahead in the early game. With champions like LeBlanc and Zoe, he can assert his dominance of the band, but he is also suitable with climbing champions, pushing his limits to get as much of them as possible. Unlike Yasin’s C9 “Nisqy” Dinçer, which is known for heavy roaming, Jiizuke uses his leadership to propel himself further. Once off the field, Jiizuke is always willing to pull the trigger and play winning games.

Evil Geniuses is convincingly the second or third best team in the league after the Spring Split. They have a good mix of talent and show a lot of forward-looking promises. Jiizuke and Svenskeren seemed so far a strong duo in the middle of the jungle and will be critical of their success in the summer. If they continue to work well, a deep playoff run and a potential Worlds ticket is within their reach.

3. Broken blade – TSM

Halfway through this list is Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik, top-runner for TSM. There aren’t many top players in the league who are the focal points of their team, so Broken Blade stands out in this regard. He was, without a doubt, the strongest point on the map for TSM. And for good reason. He is great at pushing the benefits he gains and he is great at establishing games throughout the game. He is good for a number of champions, which means he is fantastic with counter picks.

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Broken Blade does not play the game to play the debt and the tank ladder. No, he’s a strong coach who wants to play things like Aatrox and Sett to destroy people’s faces. In addition, he often receives attention in the jungle from Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett and roaming from Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. This allows him to win the lane, move for skidding and exert significant pressure by pushing apart. His sketches are treated a lot of the time, giving him optional accounts to allow things like Pantheon, Qiyana and Kayle.

After this spring split, Broken Blade solidified as the best top in the league, in dispute with Licorice and Ssumday. It certainly helps that he gets a lot of attention, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that he’s at the forefront of his game. If rumors about Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng moving to TSM are true, Broken Blade and company will be a team to fear for the next split.

2. PowerOfEvil – FlyQuest

In second place is FlyQuest midfielder Tristan, “PowerofEvil” Schrage. The midfield has a lot of strong players in the NA at the moment, but PowerofEvil still stands out as one of the best. He has been playing professionally for a long time and has a consistent playing history. Although it has a very specific style, POE was hard to wear FlyQuest, in their wonderful course, at the end of this division.

Truth be told, FlyQuest was not expected to get too much of this split. Sure, they probably expected to make the playoffs, but most people didn’t think they’d run deep. Despite all the chances, they still succeeded, and much of their success came from behind the POE. Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun was the player for the team and often spent time roaming in the middle to help there, because POE is someone who will always do damage and lead the team to battle. This strategy proved to be valuable for the team, as this allowed them to reach the Spring Split final.

Unfortunately, FlyQuest lost pretty well in the end. But this was to be expected against the current dominant team in Cloud9. However, it has shown that FlyQuest is finally a top team in LCS. The TreeQuest initiative may have helped, but it is more likely that PowerofEvil has been a major part of their success so far this year. It will be interesting to see if the team is able to recreate this in the summer.

1. Zven – Cloud9

Claiming first place is, of course, a Cloud9 player. Though there can be arguments made for any of them, the most compelling one has to be for Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen. After a rough time with TSM, Cloud9 acquired him, but many fans doubted how good he would be. Especially so considering he was replacing fan-favorite ADC Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi. But he had an absolutely monstrous split and displayed that he’s still a top tier player.

As you may remember, Zven had a period at the beginning of the split where he was deathless over numerous games. This streak was paired with the same amount of games where he accumulated multiple kills and hard carried the games. Even when that period ended, Zven continued to make his name as the best ADC in the league currently. His laning, skirmishing and team fighting are all excellent, and he is quite honestly a beast of a player.

Every member on C9 is incredible, but Zven still manages to stand out even when surrounded by stars. He’s overcoming the community’s negative perception of him quite handily too. There’s not much to criticize with Zven’s Spring Split play, which makes him that much more impressive. If anyone deserves to be called the best player in the LCS right now, it’s definitely Zven.


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