mousesports vs fnatic CS.GO Prediction Today


On April 5, 2020, Phase 2 of the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe tournament began, an online tournament with a prize of $ 531,000.
Phase 2 gathered in one group 6 teams: Astralis, FaZe, fnatic, Natus Vincere, OG, mousesports, who will compete against each other.
The tournament will run until April 12, 2020. We cannot say that there is a clear favorite in winning this tournament, as the best teams are present at the moment.
From 3:25 pm we have the match mousesports versus fnatic and we have chosen a tip for this match.

Mousesports: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️The mousesports finished Group C in first place, having a total of 4 wins and 1 defeat, and in phase 2 of the tournament they have 3 wins from as many matches.
◾️They managed a very important victory last night against Natus Vincere (score 2-0, without too many problems) and so they have currently ranked 1st in the group, with the maximum points, 9.
◾️The best 2 players from the match with NaVi were the ropz and frozen youth, who achieved a score of 39-34 (39 kills, 34 deaths), respectively 40-27.
◾️The best 2 maps of those in mousesports are Mirage and Dust2, where they have a percentage of 100% and 90% respectively.

Fnatic: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Funnily enough, we can say that this is the pleasant surprise of this beginning of the year.
◾️If in September 2019 they were 28th in the world today, after Golden returned to the team and added Brollan, fnatic is ranked 5th in the world hierarchy.
◾️In the ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe they finished group B on the 2nd place, on equal points with Natus Vincere and forZe.
◾️In Stage 2, they have 3 matches played, of which 2 are victories: Astralis (score 2-1), FaZe (score 2-1) and 1 defeat with OG (score 2-1).
◾️The best player in the fnatic is Brollan, with a K / D average of 1.13, followed immediately by KRIMZ with 1.12.
◾️Their best 2 maps are Dust2 and Inferno, where they have a winning percentage of 75.0% and 70% respectively.

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🏓Direct matches statistics Mousesports vs Fnatic

◽️The two teams met in this format 4 times, the ones at mousesports managed to win 3 times, and the fnatic one only once.
◽️Mousesports, with an incredibly good form of moment, comprises the most talented 2 young players at the moment: frozen and ropz, and they have demonstrated this whenever they need it.

CS.GO Prediction of the Day Mousesports vs Fnatic

Mousesports is without but perhaps the most in-form team at the moment and will try to strengthen its position as a leader of the group, in order not to have emotions in the future.

Bet Tips: mousesports to win the match
Odds: 1.68


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