Oswaldo Cruz sub20 – Boavista sub20 Asian Handicap TIP 07-01-2018


Form Oswaldo Cruz sub20
It is understood the anxiety of the first Cup played by the club. However, playing at home, in front of a team that did not frighten in terms of tradition, it was expected a little more of Oswaldo Cruz. The team even created, but could not get out of the 0x0. If you want to qualify, victory this afternoon is mandatory.
Well, ahead, a rival with more tradition than the last, but that still does not cause intimidation. Already without the weight of the debut, again with the house factor as a differential, it is expected a little more. The fact that the rival has to open, as he also needs the points, will give more space to the Oswaldo Cruz. If it is efficient, playing more intensively, you can score.
The base used in the debut will be maintained. The agility of striker Hiago may be the way to explore.

Boavista sub20 form
Ah, the defeat before the International giant was something expected. The Boavista did not produce so much in the field, but left with head high. The setback was only 2 × 0 and the opponent’s goals were only built in the second half of the game. Boavista believes that it has a place to evolve, dreaming of classification.
The staff is well-placed on the pitch. There is tactical organization, defense can withstand pressure in a commendable way. There is a little more volume of play for when you have the ball, want to explore more the game of counterattack. Imagining that the greater responsibilities are of the rival, knowing that the same does not cause intimidation, Boavista hopes to show evolution in order to score and dream of the classification.
The base used in the debut will also be repeated. We expect more aggression in the field.
Our Tip
A fairly balanced game. Boavista is competitive, but did not show as much offensive force on the debut. The home team disappointed to draw with a more fragile rival than it will face this afternoon. For having a little more volume, to be able to face a rival that needs to expose as much as you, I see chances of Oswaldo Cruz adding points here.


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