Sundsvall vs Kalmar Free Betting Tips 08/10


Sundsvall vs Kalmar Betting Tips

The day shape and home-board advantage speaks for Sundsvall in Sunday’s meeting – natural outcome to wait?
GIF Sundsvall has so far done a fantastic season in Allsvenskan 2018. As they were known, they were fully calculated for the season, and were thus categorized as favorites to go out of the highest league. Today they only score ten points behind Hammarby on a third place. And that’s a least-known, powerful company from Cedergren.
Now, Sundsvall will certainly not reach that third place, but there is still a lot to play for. The team still has the chance to be noted for one of the club’s best placements ever in Allsvenskan. In 1988 Sundsvall finished in fifth place, in 2004, on a seventh. And of course there are some players in the skull like this in the end.How does the situation look like in the home league before Monday’s fight against Kalmar? Sundsvall comes closest to a draw against Malmö at Stadion, and it is undeniably impressive, especially considering how much Malmö actually had to play. Had they defeated Sundsvall they would only have placed a point behind the third place.
Kalmar has also done a very good season at the same time, they have definitely not performed a bad season, but they have not offered anything extraordinary. They do not risk leaving the Allsvenskan, and as long as the situation looks so, it’s an approved result. However, in the past few weeks, Kalmar has decided to go on vacation early when they look very loyal in their matches. They have not been noted for a victory over the last six rounds, including losing points against BP and Dalkurd at home. It definitely does not send the best signals.

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First and foremost, there is a big difference in the form of day, and as such we discern the law very easily. Sundsvall is undoubtedly at G, while Kalmar has already checked out for the 2018 season. It has been extremely clear, and a consequence of that is the fact that only three points were won in the last six rounds. In addition, the game schedule has been generous.Secondly, we consider Sundsvall to be a significantly better team. They are more even in their performance, which automatically means that they are significantly more reliable. Their point against Malmö at Stadion is undoubtedly evidence of that, and the fact is that Sundsvall only lost two matches since July 15th.
Everything in other words means that the home team scratches all three points in this meeting. Therefore, we will call Sundsvall on the 1X2 market, as the game value is still fine there.

Bet Tips: Sundsvall

Odds: 2.00


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