Taiwan Beer vs Jeoutai Taiwan Basketball: SBL – Second stage


A new game of Taiwanese basketball proposes the match between Taiwan Beer, 1st place and Jeoutai, the last one.
The hosts ticked off a new success, the last stage, while the guests achieved the first victory after a long time in this second part of the season.
Taiwan Beer – Jeoutai match will be played on April 9, at 2:00 pm at Taipei City Peace Basketball Hall.
At the end of the analysis you will discover the tip of this match!

Taiwan Beer: Team shape, news and statistics

Taiwan Beer are the first after 13 stages, in the second part of the season with 11 wins and only 2 defeats.
In the last 5 games they suffered the only 2 failures, 75-94 at Pauian and 70-91, at home, with Yulon Luxgen Dinos, in the rest they prevailed at Jeoutai, score 89-70 and Pauian 99-72 and at home in front of him. Bank of Taiwan, 78-68.
The team’s best scorer is Buckley with an average of 19.5 points / game, Pan Xiangting has the best average in assists 4.0 / match, and Su Bo-chang with Buckley have the most 7.0 / game recoveries.
The first ones were also in the first part of the season when they finished after 16 games with 11 victories and 5 defeats.
The team holds 4 champion titles obtained in the SBL (2006-2008, 2010-11, 2015-16).
The Taiwanese team also has an American – Kentrell Buckley and a Ukrainian – Igor Zaytsev.
The next step will be to move to Pauian.

Jeoutai Kaohsiung: Team shape, news and statistics

Jeoutai achieved the second success of the season and the last of the 13 matches they have played so far, the previous stage, when they prevailed on their own ground, score 102-90 in front of Yulon Luxgen Dinos.
With Yulon, Jeoutai gave up only one quarter, the second, to 3 points difference, remaining imposing even to 8 points difference.
The team is in the last place, with only 2 wins and 10 defeats, the two successes being obtained in the previous 10 matches of this second part of the season. The first victory was also obtained in front of Yulon, away, score 85-79.
Sessoms is the best player on the team with an average of 25.9 points / game, 6.1 assists / game and 11.4 rebounds / match.
In the first part of the season were the last, with only 3 wins and 13 losses recorded in 16 games.
Jeoutai has two American players in the lot: Franklin Sessoms and Nicholas Evans.
The team does not hold any major trophies, the best rankings being 2 times 3rd place in the SBL in the 2007-2008 and 2017-2018 seasons.
The next stage will be playing at home against Yulon Luxgen Dinos.

🏀Live match statistics Taiwan Beer vs Jeoutai Kaohsiung

In the last 5 clashes between the two teams, Taiwan Beer won 4 times, the last success of Jeoutai moving away being checked in January, score 71-68.
It was the only victory scored by Jeoutai in the history of the meetings, with Taiwan Beer being the team that prevailed each time.
Some notable results in the history of confrontations between the two:

▪️Taiwan Beer – Jeoutai 92-82 (2020);
▪️Jeoutai – Taiwan Beer 82-104 (2019);
▪️Jeoutai – Taiwan Beer 77-88 (2019).

Basketball Prediction of the Day Taiwan Beer vs Jeoutai

Taiwan Beer has lost only one match in the last 5 home games, scoring 70-91 against Yulon, while Jeoutai has only had one success in the previous 5 trips, 85-79 at Yulon. The hosts managed in this second part of the season the performance of ticking 9 consecutive victories, while the guests had 2 negative series of 7 respectively 4 consecutive losses registered in this season. Taking into account the evolution of the hosts so far, I will go on a success where they will score enough points to win. Match tip: Taiwan Beer – over 86.5 points – including extensions – 1.65 odds offered by Betano.

Bet Tips: Taiwan Beer – over 86.5 points
Odds: 1.65




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