UC Sassuolo โ€“ Atalanta Bergamo Asian Handicap TIP 27-01-2018

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UC Sassuolo – Atalanta Bergamo – The next round of Italian Serie A starts with two teams from the middle of the table, with Sassuolo 14 having eight points left behind for the eighth Atalant. In addition, the team from Bergamo has recently celebrated in their field 2: 1 in their duel in the Italian Cup, while at the start of the season the same result was in the championship.

UC Sassuolo
Of course, these two linked defeats will now be just an additional motive for Sassuola soccer players that they too try to win at Atalanta in their field, especially since they have not beaten them since April 2014. However, what certainly encourages fans of Sassuola before this duel is the fact that in the last four domestic appearances have entered even three wins and one remi, just the last weekend when they played against Torino played 1: 1.
Before that, they were able to celebrate the favored Inter at home with 1: 0, while at a difficult time in Rome they played 1: 1, so they were the only ones who were defeated with 1: 0 at home at Genoa. Otherwise, Sassuolo still has solid six-point surplus compared to teams from the drop zone, which means they still keep everything under control. Let us add that the only injured striker Letschert does not compete for the encounter with Atalanta, while the new Lemos player should probably be on the bench.
Credible initial composition of Sassuola: Councils – Lirola, Goldaniga, Acerbi, Peluso – Missiroli, Magnanelli, Duncan – Berardi, Falcinelli, Politano

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Atalanta Bergamo
When it comes to the guests from Bergamo, they have been very much obsessed lately, so they have been able to celebrate the difficult first appearances at Milan and Rome as well as in the Italian Cup of Naples over Napoli while they have tied two defeats in Serie A, first of all from Cagliari, and then last weekend from Naples. This only tells us that the side obviously plays much more relaxed, while in front of their fans still have some pressure from the board.
However, Gasperini coaches are still competing for positions in Europe, as they currently have only four points less than Sixth, so it is likely that they will now be quite offensive against their old Sassuola client to win. More because they do not have any problems with the absences, while it is still to be added that during this transitional period they left the Drame defender and midfielder Kurtiฤ‡, while at the same time from Bologna on the loan came the midfielder Rizzo.

UC Sassuolo – Atalanta Bergamo TIP
Although the guests from Bergamo are expected to have eight points of advantage and are unbeaten in the last eight rounds with Sassuolom, we have decided to give this time a slight advantage to the hosts, having in their field a series of three wins and one draws.


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