Who will win the 2019/20 handball Bundesliga? – Favorites, bets & betting odds


Flensburg with title hat trick?

Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 – favorites, bets & betting odds
Sold-out halls and top-class sports under one roof – that’s what you get in Germany with ice hockey, but also with handball. While the best soccer players in the country are already doing their day’s work in the Bundesliga, the Handball Bundesliga is now following suit.
The 54th season in the German House of Lords obviously faces a three-way battle for the title, because in the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 the betting odds for the championship are staggered.

⚪️Who will win the 2019/20 handball Bundesliga? Best odds !

▪️THW Kiel: 1.28
▪️SG Flensburg / Handewitt: 3.50
▪️SC Magdeburg: 51.0
▪️Rhein-Neckar Löwen: 201.0

If we believe the experts who make clear forecasts for THW Kiel 2019, Flensburg / Handewitt and Rhein-Neckar Löwen for the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20, it could be a very exciting season.
After all, there has only been one title holder outside of this trio in the past 16 years, namely HSV Handball, which no longer exists in this form.

The SG Flensburg / Handewitt are defending their title this season and could do the title hat trick. For the guys from the far north it would be almost a sensation. The team of Maik Machulla is chased by the competition, which has upgraded its staff somewhat more than the current champions. It is possible to win the title again, but it will be extremely difficult to achieve.
The THW Kiel in particular wants to know. The record champion has changed relatively little in terms of personnel. Nevertheless, a new era begins on the Baltic Sea, because Alfred Gislason has turned his back on the club and Filip Jicha is now the new strong man. It might make sense to bet on THW Kiel in the handball championship.
The third big club in this group are the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, who have brought the lion king back on board. National team captain Uwe Gensheimer returns from Paris and is supposed to help his old and new club shine and glory again. With Kristjan Andresson, the lions also have a new animal trainer who is working in the Bundesliga for the first time.
It is difficult to imagine that a fourth team can intervene in the title fight. The SC Magdeburg is most likely to play a good role. At least as far as the outcome of the handball season 2019/20 and the associated odds are concerned, the SCM is currently traded as the fourth force.
Overall, we expect a very exciting season in the German upper house. On occasion, we will accompany the Handball Bundesliga on the betting basis, especially if the title fight is really exciting.

⚪️Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 – the favorites

🔺SG Flensburg / Handewitt
🔺German champion: 2004, 2018, 2019
🔺Placement 2018/19: 1st place

If you have one of the best players in the world in your ranks, you are reluctant to let them go. The Danish world champion Rasmus Lauge Schmidt, who was named player of the season in the Bundesliga in the last season, has moved to KC Veszprem in Hungary. Michal Jurecki, an old friend from the Bundesliga who comes from Kielce to Flensburg, is supposed to close the gap.

Defense player Tobias Karlsson has also ended his career. The SG is the only top team that can continue to build on its traditional coach. The coach knows that it will be extremely difficult to defend the title again this year. Certainly no one will underestimate Flensburg anymore and to be permanently in the role of the hunted can lead to signs of wear.

The defensive gap in particular must be closed. Perhaps this is also the reason why Maik Machulla is pushing the favorite role a few kilometers further south to THW Kiel. [pullquote align = “right“ cite = “Maik Machulla“] “Favorite of the championship title is the TWH Kiel.
In the Bundesliga, we want to play at the top for as long as possible and do our work humbly. ”[/ Pullquote] The Flensburgers are still understated, but as champions of the past two years, probably none of the SG really takes this humility away.

Nevertheless, it will certainly not be easier this year to become German champion again. The title hat trick would be a historic success for Flensburg citizens. However, we can imagine that in the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 a forecast for a changing of the guard might well be appropriate, although the SG may not be written off.

🔺THW Kiel
🔺German champion: 20 times last 2013, 2014, 2015
🔺Placement 2018/19: 2nd place

Not much has changed in the player area at THW Kiel. The most important thing is that keeper Andreas Wolff has set out for new shores and is now pitching his tents at KS Kielce.
The national goalkeeper is replaced by Dario Quenstedt, who was brought from Magdeburg. With Pavel Horak, an extremely accurate and experienced Bundesliga player was brought in for the back area.
The THW Kiel should therefore have become a little stronger than last year. However, this year there is also the double burden with the Champions League, which Kielers had been spared in the previous year.
The THW will also start at the IHF Super Globe, the world cup for club teams.

It is certainly an advantage that the team is well-rehearsed, but that the new coach Filip Jicha will now get completely new impulses, even though the Czech under Alfred Gislason already acted as an assistant coach.
The Kiel team have not won the championship for four years. The record champion’s hunger is great again.

Therefore, the lowest odds on the title win of the zebras will be offered before the start of the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20. [pullquote align = “right” cite = “Filip Jicha”] “I know how difficult it is to win a title in handball.
First of all you have to work with a lot of diligence and discipline so that it is somehow possible.
“[/ Pullquote] However, the trainer knows that there is a lot of hard work before a possible championship.
However, the THW appears to be ready to take this rocky road.

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🔺SC Magdeburg
🔺German champion: 2001
🔺Placement 2018/19: 3rd place

Magdeburg’s coach Bennet Wiegert will remember it very well. In the 2000/01 season he played alongside today’s Flensburg coach Maik Machulla and the legends Joel Abati, Hennig Fritz or Stefan Kretzschmar and won the SCM, the first and only championship title in the German Bundesliga as a whole.
The Magdeburgers are still waiting for a similar piece of hussar.
For a few years, however, the club had disappeared to a mediocre degree and has only recently returned to the absolute elite in Germany. However, the SCM had to drop a few feathers on the transfer market and hand over keeper Dario Quenstedt and Mads Christiansen, Robert Weber and Ignacio Jimenez.

Nevertheless, Bennet Wiegert will play handball again, with which his team thrilled last season when, among others, the THW Kiel and Flensburg could be beaten. This team is characterized by a lot of speed and a high degree of passion, but the odds do not seem to speak for becoming champions in the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20.

The coach also does not see his team as the favorite, even if the stated goal is to win a trophy in 2020. [pullquote align = “right” cite = “Bennet Wiegert”] “I assume that THW Kiel will play a strong role.” .
In the Bundesliga, Bennet Wiegert sees THW Kiel as the most promising candidate for the championship.

🔺Rhein-Neckar Löwen
🔺German champion: 2016, 2017
🔺Placement 2018/19: 4th place

The Rhein-Neckar Löwen have put the royal transfer of the Bundesliga. The prodigal son is back.
Uwe Gensheimer has decided to end his intermezzo near Paris Saint-Germain and to return home.
Great hopes rest on the shoulders of the left wing, who should lead the lions back to titles.

With the Danish Niclas Kirkelökke, the lions have presented another eminently strong newcomer.
Then there is the Frenchman Romain Lagarde. Above all, the departure of Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson hurts badly. Nevertheless, RNL seems to be broader in strength than in recent years, maybe even as good as in 2016 and 2017 when the title was brought to Kronau.

But it will have to be shown how quickly Kristjan Andresson will gain a foothold in the Bundesliga and whether the double burden as a Swedish national coach will not be too much for the Icelanders. His squad leaves at least nothing to be desired and that’s why we can imagine placing a tip on the lions as champions in the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20.

The new trainer could also make friends with it. He makes it clear that he came to the Bundesliga with the goal of winning many titles. [pullquote align = “right” cite = “Kristjan Andresson”] “We can play for all titles.” [/ pullquote] In his opinion the Rhein-Neckar Löwen can play in all competitions for the trophies. We take a similar view and consider RNL to be more than just a secret favorite.

⚪️Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 – the outsiders

The four teams mentioned are relatively well above the competition. That could mean that the other teams only have a chance of fifth.
Two outsiders are obviously a little hotter than the rest, namely the Füchse Berlin and the MT Melsungen.
These two teams can be expected to have a surprise before the Bundesliga start.

A lot of transfers were carried out in Berlin, but the stars around Fabian Wiede, Silvio Heinevetter or Paul Drux have remained in the club.
The problem of the foxes could be that the breadth of quality is lacking. The first seven certainly doesn’t have to hide from the big favorites on good days.

This also applies to the team from Melsungen, which can now almost be called “MT Germany”.
Finn Lemke, Johannes Kühn, Kai Häfner and Tobias Reichmann are four German internationals in Melsungen. The problem here is that coach Heiko Grimm, especially against the large teams, can hardly make up for personnel.

⚪️Handball Bundesliga 2019/20, betting & betting base analysis

A lot of things would have to happen for the handball world to get out of hand and an outsider to win the title.
Sure, the Füchse Berlin and Melsungen have good squads, but in a long season, form lows or injuries to the top performers will not be compensated for as much as the top favorites.
The SC Magdeburg had to cope with the biggest personnel bloodletting of the big four. We think that the gladiators can therefore play a good season, but in the handball Bundesliga 2019/20 we would be drawn to the tip that the title will not go to Saxony-Anhalt.
In Flensburg it will be exciting to see whether the departure of Rasmus Lauge Schmidt and Tobias Karlsson can be coped with. We think it will be very difficult for SG this season to defend the title again. Nevertheless, it is clear that the Maik Machulla team is likely to be in the top positions throughout the season.

⚪️Key facts – Handball Bundesliga 2019/20 betting

▪️Flensburg has the chance to become German Champion for the third time in a row.
▪️With 20 titles, THW Kiel is the German record champion.
▪️The Rhein-Neckar Löwen made the king’s transfer of the season with Uwe Gensheimer.

There are still two Mohicans we can trust to bring the championship home and dethrone the defending champion.
Kiel and the Lions both have a new coach and great contingents. However, we think that the RNL may be a little better manned in depth.
With Uwe Gensheimer and Andy Schmid, the lions have to play for the title.

Kiel can probably stand up to it, but we can imagine that the zebras will have to do without the German championship title for the fifth year in a row.
In the Handball Bundesliga 2019/20, the analysis is not easy, but we would use the odds of 5.50 for the Rhein-Neckar Löwen in terms of German handball champions 2020.


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